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Cloud solutions that can help with your
cloud computing requirements

Businesses today run on sensitive and crucial information. Simply deploying workloads on a cloud platform is insufficient to meet escalating business needs and competitive challenges. Without a reliable and configured data system, your business may encounter data loss, which can make or break your business due to costly downtime.

Cloud computing describes the on-demand availability of cloud management computing services such as networks, servers, storage, software, and security on the internet. We at Cserve Technologies, a Cloud services provider company in Maputo, Mozambique| Africa offer a personalized experience to businesses that can be designed to fit their exact needs with all the necessary tools in a single, secure place.

Cloud Consulting

We offer consulting services to support and plan your future IT expenditure.

Cloud Integration

Move to the cloud seamlessly with the help of cloud experts, guiding you from start to finish.

Cloud Optimization

We optimize app performance, cloud infrastructure design, and costs—all led by certified cloud architects.

Cloud Data Backup

Assure data safety and access through regular backups and faster recovery in your cloud applications and systems.

Cloud Security

Using encryption, regular backups, MFA, and more, we can protect your most sensitive data in a secure place.

Infrastructure Management

We offer infrastructure management that will check for any issues, even when you’re off the clock.

Cloud Compliance

Our services will ensure you are in compliance with regulatory cloud standards within the bounds of the law.

Cloud Migration

We help with cloud planning, deployment, and setup, guaranteed your mission-critical apps are in a robust infrastructure.


How Your Business Will Benefit from the Cloud

Computing Freedom & Flexibility

Access information via your computer, smart phone or tablet, no matter where you are.
Lower IT costs

Reduce IT-related expenses with virtual hardware, seamlessly included software upgrades and on-demand storage capacity increases.
Email and Calendar sharing

Share email contact information and calendar details without the effort and access the information from computers or smart devices.
Manage & Share Files with Ease

Cloud computing allows several people working on a project from different locations to collaborate and share files.
Connect in Real-Time

Cloud computing technology, such as instant messaging and video conferencing, allows employees and business partners to collaborate easily from different locations.