Cserve Partner Program is designed for companies of all sizes. We are offering partnership to IT companies, web and online marketing agencies, IT and Management consultants, and those considering opening a new business. People who are not fit in requirement, they can show their worth in separate interview.

How to make profit with Cserve?

Sales & Consulting

Cserve offers a wide range of business solutions that can help your clients operate their business on a completely different level. Our services can solve many problems your clients are challenged by on a daily basis. Affordable pricing, and instant profit of each sale is a win-win for you and your clients.


There are thousands of different business models out there, which means a unique approach and customized solutions for your clients. You can profit on Cserve project implementations for your clients by providing value-added services, such as: product installation and customization, integration to 3rd party solutions, app development, training, etc.


While your Cserve client’s business grows, they are likely to request more services offered by Cserve, Recruitment, IT, Website, Apps, Software’s, Digital Marketing, maintenance subscription renewals, and other options – all this can generate up to 80% of additional profit from your initial sale. Keep in touch with your Cserve clients. And get rewarded.


Lucrative business opportunity, high income and caring support.

Up to 45% partner discount

No matter which product you focus on – Recruitment, Website, Mobile Apps, ERP Software, Digital Marketing, your partner discount can be up to 45% off each sale you make. You’ll also make much more profit on value-added services!

Authorized Partner Certification

Right after your Partner status is confirmed, you can claim your free Certification by Cserve to run as your business on name of Cserve. Introduce Cserve for your team, and collaborate with new clients by using our services!

Free leads from potential clients

Depending on your Partner status (Bronze, Silver, or Gold), you can receive free leads from one or many locations of your choice. Those are qualified leads with requests to implement a Cserve project. No junk leads or angry cold lead contacts.

100 % Training & Marketing Material

Yes, Cserve will provide you 100 % Support on training of employees and marketing Material to work with your client. Which will help you to serve into your product portfolio, spending time learning about Cserve solutions, or hiring a new staff member who will be responsible for Cserve.

Fastest Payment Methods

Once you are confirmed with partnership with Cserve, you will start getting loads of benefits. Once you close the deal, you will get your payment done to your account. You don’t need to make any invoice for customer, Cserve will make and give you to handover to client through our portal and partner will get profit sharing on invoiced amount.

Marketing support

Whether your marketing strategy includes online ads only, or you also organize offline events, we’ve got the right marketing resources for you: presentations, comparison charts, white-papers, certificates, logos, badges, etc. Qualified Partners can also use our official blogs, social medial channels, and even newsletter services for a wider outreach.


+ 450 Cserve sign-ups worldwide

  • +10 Services and features

    Cserve Group is a turn-key group of IT and Management solutions with all the tools a company needs for driving more sales, recruitment and automating workflows.

  • Global Exposure

    A Cserve partner gets global exposure of services, working style, methodology and global plan of actions. Our team will guide your team timely for better understandings.

  • Easy to Sale & Highly addictive

    Our services are easier to sale, every company needs IT and Management solutions to run a business. Cserve Group provides various solutions to single platform. Assign a new task to a colleague, make a phone call to a client, prepare a newsletter – all inside your Cserve Ideology, it must work in a proper way through our protocols.

  • In high demand

    There are more than +450 Cserve sign-ups worldwide, and we’re only getting started. The services perfectly meet the demand in organizing the digital workspace of large, medium, and small companies.

  • Free for Cserve Partners

    Once you are registered as partner, you will get free corporate email to communicate internally, send newsletters and marketing material.
    You will get one landing page (Small One Page website) for your location.

Type of Cserve partners

Our partner system is different than others.

Partnerships can come in several forms and you will get an advantage of being Cserve Partner. You can adopt the business model in various ways, here are some ways to earn good profit.

Whether you are a company, agency, employee or freelancer, who is working for a different domain of services. You just need to refer Cserve for our various services. A referral benefit will be allotted to you in monitory terms. There is no training required to sale.

Company, agency, company or freelancers can take place in that partnership program. We will provide training, guidance, setup information to sale our services. Whatever your sale, you will be entitled to get partnership percentage on each sale. You will also get a chance to be an authorized centre for Cserve.

Mega partner program is for those who wants to be a main leader in their state. They can create their own partners inside their profile. Mega partners have unlimited benefit on Cserve products. They can allot their percentage of Margin to other partners and get huge sales benefit. Cserve will take care of operational model and backend.

This is the program which gives you full right to make decision and strategies on Cserve Products. It is a huge market opportunity centre which gives huge margin in our products sale. You don’t need to make your operational team, just make sales team and blackened will be Cserve. You can open it in any location.

Type of Cserve Services

Services you need to choose for your suitability.

We are happy to provide you with three segmented services to make your client, you need to build your sales team and we will work as a backend for you. There is no target for reference partner but there will be target divisions for different partner type due to huge profit margin.


Recruitment Solutions
(If you opt only for recruitment partner)
  • International Recruitment
  • Domestic Recruitment


Whatever you serve to company or agency, in single recruitment or in bulk. You will get partnership benefit of it. We will provide complete end to end solutions to your client. You just need to take requirement and a positive approach to your client.

IT Solutions
(If you opt only for technical partner)
  • Website Design
  • Mobile Application
  • Digital Marketing
  • ERP Software’s (Accounts, HR, Sales, Warehouse, POS, Billing, Order Management)

These are our profitable portfolio, if you adopt it. As mentioned above, we will take care of services, operational, billing, project implementation. You just need to make a client rest we will do.

Cserve Partner Program is profitable and Reliable

Cserve Partner Network is a fellowship of professionals.

If you share our values to be professional and attentive to a client’s needs, we could be a perfect match! Cserve, Inc. is a partner-oriented company, giving its Partners the opportunity to provide all value-added services to the end-users. There would be no happy clients without skilled and caring Partners who are oriented for long-term relationships with their clients and the vendor.

Partnership – is not just sales. Each Partner is our dear friend who is always welcome to actively participate in Cserve product roadmap development, webinars, or offline events such as trade shows and workshops. It’s not uncommon that Partners from same or different locations team up and successfully implement Cserve projects together.

Trust and transparency are crucial for building a strong and mutually beneficial partnership. Cserve Partner Program is straightforward and understandable. There are no set-up fees, no hidden costs. Benefits and requirements for each partner status are fair and unchanging.

We develop and maintain marketing resources for our Partners to facilitate their promotion efforts – both online and offline. Product presentations, comparison charts, white-papers, certificates, logos, badges – we’ve got it covered!

As a Cserve Partner, you get a free service training, products to u and to test-drive all features and modules. You will also have access to the services documentation. We organize free webinars for our clients and Partners, and keep you informed about all product updates or discount campaigns throughout the year.

Sign up to start making profit!

step 1: Submit the Application:

We’ll get in touch with you in no time and address any additional questions you may have. Upon successful submission, you’ll get an instant 20% discount on Cserve products & services.  Which you can deliver to your client or for you.

step 2: Evaluation Process

We will evaluate your worth to be a successful partner, we are willing to make a partner who has strong team to sale the products, or creating a new team for venture. We will give our centres to those who are capable to grab more business in their cities.

step 3: Learn and promote

Get access to marketing resources, endorse Cserve on your website, notify your clients. Enhance your Cserve skills and expertise by taking online training and certification.

step 4: Make profit:

Resell IT & Management services, subscriptions or license keys, provide additional services to your Cserve clients!

As a bonus, you’ll be getting free leads from us, and can claim your marketing support material.!

Criteria for be a “Cserve Partner

  • Ready to adopt “Cserve” as their business model.
  • Is ready to build channel/network with the mind‐share of Cserve.
  • Has commitment towards the brand and its goals.
  • Wants to learn, un‐learn and re‐
  • Owns an Office and skilled resources
  • We prefer IT/ Software/ Hardware background for IT Partners.
  • We prefer HR/ Recruitment/ HR Sales background for IT Partners.
  • Commits to bag minimum sales/customer acquisition.
  • Has good clientele in their location.
  • DIGITAL ASSETs REQUIREMENT: Laptop, Smart Phone, Skype ID
  • SKILLS: Expert in Excel, Word, Presentation, Good Communication Skills, Good Personality, Marketing Skills and Opportunity Seeker
  • OFFICE REQUIREMENT: Must have good clients and Sales team (Exception for Freelancers)


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