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Codegate Technologies is a recognized company with years of experience in the design and development of websites, software, virtual platforms, networking, and hardware. As a technology partner, we provide our customers with customized solutions to help them grow their businesses and expand their global reach. We are committed to delivering excellence and are backed by the expertise of Cserve Technologies in India. Our comprehensive range of services allows us to provide our clients with comprehensive software solutions at a single point.

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web design and software app development company in Mozambique Africa
Offering Low-Cost Solutions - Designing Budget-Friendly Web & Software Services

Trust of 1000+ Private and Government Organizations

Cserve Technologies has been Awarded “Most Trusted Brand in Technology in Africa, India, Mozambique, Middle-East, UK, USA” by the Minister of Industry and Commerce Mozambique, and Cserve Technologies is Listed as “Top 10 Best Website and Software development companies in Africa”, with its headquarters in Maputo, Mozambique. We are a Leading web development company in Africa, and present in India, Africa, with our Reseller branched in the rest of the world. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, We can help you build a system that works for you. We take pride in providing reliable and effective IT solutions throughout the country. Based on the love we receive from our customers, We are known to be one of the best IT (Information Technology) service provider companies in Africa, India, Mozambique, Middle-East, UK, USA.
Our clients are spread across Africa, the US, the UK, Europe, Australia and Asia. Cserve Technologies, renowned as the Best Creative Web design agency, is a fully-grown firm with years of experience in the Custom Website Design and Development industry. All your software solutions are available at this one-stop. It is the technology partner you can always trust to deliver excellence. We support you to grow your business by creating customized solutions that increase your global reach. Hire Expert Website Developers for Professional Website Design in Maputo, Mozambique, South Africa, and Other African Countries.

Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive Development Solutions for Mobile and Web Devices

We specialize in delivering comprehensive development solutions for mobile and web devices. Our experienced development team is committed to delivering high-quality, secure and robust products that meet the highest of requirements. With our expertise in web and mobile platforms, we can develop applications that can be tailored to the needs of our customers and their businesses. We have the expertise to create applications that are secure, reliable, and optimized for performance. Additionally, we provide support services to ensure that our applications are continuously optimized and kept up-to-date.

Best Web Design and Software app development company/agency in Mozambique Africa


Codegate Technologies is led by experienced professionals who possess extensive knowledge in their respective fields and have the technical expertise to create user-friendly, responsive websites/platforms and applications. Our n bones services include technical support of networking, website development/Platforms, software and hardware supply, providing the best solutions for the ideas you bring. We have been operating for years and our clients are always satisfied with our services as we are the best website optimization company/Platform.

Our team of experts and reinforced structures allow us to create applications that are more cost-efficient than individual designers and programmers. Our products are of the highest quality and add value to our services. We are constantly innovating and incorporating the most promising features. We have exclusive resources who have mastered e-commerce, networking technical support, mobile apps, custom web apps, digital marketing, IOT, and conversational bots. The Codegate Technologies IT team is also knowledgeable in the latest emerging technologies. Our websites/platforms and applications are lightweight and fast, and we strive to meet our clients’ expectations.

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We simplify your business with technology, more efficiently!

Integrated and Robust Solutions

At Codegate Technologies, we strive to be the best website and software development company in India, offering robust and viable solutions that exceed customer expectations. We are committed to providing superior quality services to all our customers, who have placed their trust in us. Our team of highly experienced and skilled software developers use state-of-the-art technologies to create reliable and secure software solutions that meet the exact requirements of our customers. We are passionate about providing innovative and efficient software solutions that help our customers stay ahead in the competitive market. Our customer-centric approach and commitment to excellence have enabled us to build long-term relationships with our clients.

Fast delivery

For all IT companies in India, delivering projects on-time is a key element in building and maintaining successful customer relationships. We understand the importance of timely delivery and strive to reduce turnaround times to ensure that our customers are provided with the highest level of satisfaction. We believe that by providing our customers with the highest level of service, we can create long-term relationships that are beneficial to both parties. Additionally, we take great care to ensure that our processes are streamlined and efficient to minimize delays and maximize the quality of our products and services.

Guaranteed Quality

At our website/platforms development company based in India, we prioritize quality assurance and testing above all else. We ensure that each project meets our high standards before deployment so that we never have to compromise on the quality of our work..

Best digital marketing services/company in Mozambique Africa


  • Facebook and Twitter Marketing
  • Social Media Optimizations
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Google and LinkedIn Marketing
  • Marketing on Instagram
  • Google Adwords/Analytics
  • Viral/video/email marketing
  • On page | Off-page SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay per click
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iOS in Objective-C or Swift

Android in Java

Windows Phone on the Network

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  1. Native app development
    1. - iOS in Objective-C or Swift
    2. - Android in Java
    3. - Windows Phone on the Network
  2. Hybrid apps for all platforms with Xamarin, React, Native, Ionic, Angular Mobile, Sencha, Touch etc.
  3. Web applications as responsive versions of the website/platform to work on any mobile device. - Mobile Application Design, & Development in Maputo, Mozambique, India, Africa
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Top 10 Digital Marketing Services in Mozambique Africa


  • Finance and Accounts
  • Sales
  • Purchase and Inventory
  • Supply chain management
  • Retail Chain Management
  • Trading / Distributions
  • Manufacturing

  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Payroll and mobile apps
  • Restaurant software
  • Hotel Software
  • Software Saloon

  • Optics
  • Automotive Software
  • Auto
  • Soft Pharmacy
  • Grocery store
  • Retail store


Restly Shape

  • Support through the Helpdesk app
  • On-premises computer repairs and upgrades
  • Software/hardware installation, memory upgrades
  • Installation and configuration of printers/scanners
  • Windows / Operating System Installation / Updates
  • Virus Protection / Firewall Protection / Spyware Removal
  • Privacy and security analysis, spyware removal
  • firewall protection and configuration
  • Installation and Repair of Home / Office Networks
  • Wired/wireless networks
  • File and printer sharing
  • Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows 2003 Server / Linux Server
  • Roaming Profiles / Active Directory
  • Remote Computing/VPN Solutions
  • Database servers, Microsoft Windows SQL Server, MySQL
  • Web server
  • PhonePBX/CCTV/Desktop/Laptop/Server/Copier/Printer/ Network/Smart-Device/Audio-Visual Support

Custom Design Services

Elevate your brand with our custom design services – we support new and existing brands with outsourced design and creative services every day. Our process starts with a questionnaire and brand design meeting, and from there we go straight to designing against your requirements.


Elevate your brand identity design and attract new customers. Meet with our branding experts to discuss your brand identity & design requirements.

Creating the perfect design is a process - discovery, market research, brand positioning review, prototyping, testing, it all matters. Get your design enhancement today while we plan for your upcoming design and creative requirements.

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Featured security, risk and compliance services

Businesses rely on IT infrastructure that is both secure and resilient, yet many organizations are overwhelmed with security threats and complex regulatory compliance requirements. With Codegate Services, you can help protect your business from evolving threats with the right tools and skills. Our experts will help you understand and address gaps in security, risk and compliance programs across your organization and remotely monitor, detect, and help resolve issues while identifying ways for continuous improvement against evolving threats. Leverage our unique combination of platform, process, and people, to expand your capacity for innovation and take advantage of new technologies quickly, without waiting until your organization has the necessary skills.

Codegate Managed Security

Meet the right security standards by providing insight and control to secure business operations with holistic tools that lower costs and free up staff.

Codegate Managed IT Compliance

Identify and remediate security gaps. Protect your apps and data with compliance monitoring, proactive remediation recommendations, and access to a trusted compliance expert, delivered as a managed service.

Cserve Technologies - India

Best web design and software app development company in Mozambique Africa
Best web design and software app development company in Mozambique Africa
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